Hard Coat and Hard Anodize are terms used in describing a hard anodic coating with tuff, hard and abrasion resistant characteristics. These hard anodic coatings are typically applied with a thickness above 0.002“within a 10% variation. The oxide coating thickness is comprised of 50% penetration below the surface of origin and 50% build up over the surface of origin. As such, a one inch aluminum rod measuring 1.000” that is anodized to a thickness of 0.002” anodized, will measure 1.002” after the anodize coating. The anodic coating can range in thickness based on aluminum alloy being process and has a natural dark grayish coloration of its own based on the thickness and type of aluminum alloy being processed. The hard anodic coating thickness can range from 0.0002-0.0025 based on customer needs and can also be produced at higher thicknesses when specified for salvage purposes. . This coating is acknowledged as Type III under the military specification MIL-A-8625. PTFE Hard Anodize is an impregnated or coated film with containing PTFE and is typically controlled as per MIL-A-63576.

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